At 22:00 pm, October 24 (Saturday), Beijing time, the first Spanish national derby of this season will be played at the Nou Camp. The Spanish media "Marca" wrote an article that considering the state of the two teams, This time the national derby may not be so exciting.


"Marca" said that the recent state of Real Madrid and Barcelona is worrying. In the match last weekend, Real Madrid lost 0-1 to La Liga newly promoted Madrid Cadiz. Not only did they lose, they were also suppressed by the other side. He also lost to Getafe 0-1 in a later game.


Real Madrid and Barcelona both lost in the previous round of the national derby. This is the first time since 2003. In the national derby that year, Real Madrid and Barcelona drew 1-1, and the conflict between Zidane and Enrique in the game may be more impressive than the goal.


"Marca" also pointed out that Griezmann, who is expected to continue to start in the national derby, is currently in poor condition. He wasted a single-handed opportunity in the previous game with Getafe. Although Barcelona is his favorite team, he still failed to find his suitable position.


On the other hand, Benzema also failed to bring goals for Real Madrid in the weekend game. In the first 5 league games this season, Benzema, as Real Madrid's main striker, only scored one goal, and he must find his form as soon as Real Madrid needs him.


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