Manchester City defender Otamendi has officially announced today that he has joined the Portuguese giants Benfica. During his time at Manchester City, his name has been linked to Valencia many times. Otamendi played for Valencia in the 2014-2015 season, and that season is generally regarded as the most successful year of his career. In the past two seasons, Otamendi’s relatives and friends know that he has the desire to return to Valen, but the reality is that now he is likely to end his European football career in Benfica.


In addition to the financial factors of the Valencia club, its high salary and my lack of a European passport are also reasons that hinder his return to Valencia. Valencia has three non-European players, Paulista, Maxi Gomez, and Li Gangren in the current lineup, and they will not leave the team unless there is an accident in this transfer window.

除了瓦伦西亚俱乐部的财务因素之外,瓦伦西亚俱乐部的高薪以及我缺乏欧洲护照也是阻碍他重返瓦伦西亚的原因。巴伦西亚目前有3名非欧洲球员,保利斯塔(Paulista),马克西·戈麦斯(Maxi Gomez)和李刚仁(Li Gangren),除非在转会窗口出事,否则他们不会离开球队。

According to the Hector Gomez column, Otamendi also considered and expected Lin Rongfu to call and invite him to return to La Liga this summer. Last summer, when Lin Rongfu began to savagely intervene in club management matters, he himself had a proposal to sign back to Otamendi and sell Diakabi. This was also one of the contradictions between the club management and the major shareholders at that time. .

根据赫克托·戈麦斯(Hector Gomez)专栏的报道,奥塔曼迪(Otamendi)也考虑并期望林荣富致电并邀请他今年夏天返回西甲。去年夏天,当林荣富开始对俱乐部管理事务进行野蛮干预时,他本人就提出了要签回奥塔曼迪并出售迪亚卡比的提议。这也是当时俱乐部管理层与大股东之间的矛盾之一。 。

Of course, last summer’s club management no longer exists, but from the inside out, it seems that the club has no way to travel through the temples and between the temple walls to go to Singapore to learn about Lin Rongfu’s true thoughts.


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