Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


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足球名人堂,每个星期二晚上10点,精彩的演讲。 “我是教练3.0”将同时推出名人堂球员卡,供教练招募!

There are countless stars on the green field, among which the most dazzling ones are always those who can sublimate technology into art. These people can often withstand the washing of time and remain deeply in people’s memory. "The Prince of Ballet" Fan Basten is one.

绿色领域上有无数的明星,其中最耀眼的明星总是那些可以将技术升华为艺术的明星。这些人经常可以忍受时间的流逝,并深深地留在人们的记忆中。 “芭蕾舞王子”范巴斯滕就是其中一位。

Cruyff once commented: "There are two types of stars, one is Gullit, Rijkaard, Michel Laudrup, etc., and the second is Van Basten." When asked about the three totems of Milan, Liani put Van Basten above Baresi and Maldini. Even Klinsmann, the dual opponent of the club and the national team, is full of praise when it comes to Van Basten. In addition to sympathy and sympathy, Klinsmann in the same position also deeply understands that in a densely populated area like Van Basten, he can score the ball from all angles and with various actions. not easy.

克鲁伊夫曾经评论说:“有两种类型的恒星,一种是古利特,里杰卡尔德,米歇尔·劳德鲁普等,另一种是范巴斯滕。”当被问及米兰的三个图腾时,利亚尼(Liani)将范巴斯滕(Van Basten)置于巴雷西(Baresi)和马尔蒂尼(Maldini)之上。甚至俱乐部和国家队的双重对手克林斯曼(Klinsmann)都对范·巴斯滕(Van Basten)充满赞美。除了同情和同情外,处于同一位置的克林斯曼还深深地了解到,在像范巴斯滕这样人口稠密的地区,他可以从各个角度以各种动作得分。不容易。

Berlusconi once hailed Van Basten as an "encyclopedia on the field", meaning that there are no Dutch people who are not proficient in these technologies on the football field. If you have to find a shortcoming, it is that he is not as fast as Ronaldo and Henry. However, people are not barrels after all. If your other abilities are strong enough, the so-called shortcomings are not enough to fear. What's more, Van Basten's slowness is only relative to Ronaldo, and whether it is Holland or AC Milan, the strength of the lineup does not require Van Basten to go for a long-distance attack.

贝卢斯科尼曾经将范巴斯滕(Van Basten)誉为“球场上的百科全书”,这意味着没有荷兰人不精通足球场上的这些技术。如果您必须找到一个缺点,那就是他不如罗纳尔多和亨利那样快。但是,人们毕竟不是桶。如果您的其他能力足够强大,那么所谓的缺点就不足以令人恐惧。更重要的是,范巴斯滕的速度慢仅与罗纳尔多有关,无论是荷兰还是AC米兰,阵容的强势都不需要范巴斯滕进行长距离进攻。

To dominate the penalty area, Van Basten relies on two unique skills, one is not inferior to Bergkamp's stopping skills, this one alone is enough to make up for his disadvantage in speed. When teammates connect with Van Basten, they don’t need to send a precise pass. Sometimes the more uncomfortable the better, because the more so, the more sudden Van Basten’s stoppage and adjustments will be. , Often as soon as you start, you can completely throw away your opponent. As Cruyff said: "Van Basten's biggest advantage is that he has made the best choice while others are still thinking about how to deal with it."

为了统治罚球区,范巴斯滕依靠两项独特的技巧,一项并不逊色于伯格坎普的拦路技巧,仅此一项就足以弥补他在速度上的劣势。当队友与Van Basten建立联系时,他们不需要发送精确的通行证。有时候,越不舒服越好,因为越多,范巴斯滕的停战和调整就越突然。 ,通常,一开始,您就可以完全抛弃对手。正如克鲁伊夫所说:“范巴斯滕的最大优势在于,他做出了最佳选择,而其他人仍在思考如何应对。”

Another unique skill is his fairly balanced left and right foot ability, so balanced that it is difficult for you to judge which foot he is good at. This makes the defenders very headache, because in close defense, it is difficult for them to judge what action the Dutch will make next. And similar to catching the ball, Van Basten is not picky about the difficulty of shooting opportunities. He never complains about the uncomfortable feeding of his teammates. On the contrary, the smaller the shooting space, the more difficult the kick. The Dutchman The more energetic. The two goals in the semi-finals and finals of the 1988 European Cup are his masterpieces.


Van Basten grew up in the Ajax youth training camp, entered the first team in 1982 and ushered in his career debut. It is worth mentioning that Van Basten came on as a substitute in that game and it was Cruyff who replaced him. From the current point of view, this time the change is regarded as an official handover between two generations of Dutch legends. After his debut, Van Basten also scored the first goal of his career.

范·巴斯滕(Van Basten)在阿贾克斯(Ajax)青年训练营中长大,于1982年进入一线队,并迎来了他的职业生涯首秀。值得一提的是,范巴斯滕在那场比赛中成为替补,克鲁伊夫取代了他。从当前的角度来看,这次的变化被认为是两代荷兰传奇人物之间的正式交接。首次亮相后,范巴斯滕(Van Basten)也打进了职业生涯的第一个进球。

Soon, Van Basten was reused by the club. In the six seasons with Ajax, he played a total of 172 times and scored a staggering 152 goals. He became the league's top scorer for four consecutive seasons. In the 1985-86 season, the 22-year-old Van Basten scored 37 goals, a number that allowed the Dutchman to win the European Golden Boot. In the 1987 European Cup Winners Cup final, Van Basten's goal helped the team beat Lokomotiv Leipzig 1-0, and again won a European Championship trophy 14 years later.

很快,范巴斯滕被俱乐部重用。在阿贾克斯(Ajax)的六个赛季中,他共出战172次,打进了惊人的152个进球。他连续四个赛季成为联盟最佳射手。在1985-86赛季,22岁的范巴斯滕(Van Basten)攻入37球,这个数字让荷兰人赢得了欧洲金靴奖。在1987年欧洲优胜者杯决赛中,范巴斯滕的进球帮助球队以1-0击败了莱比锡火车头,并在14年后再次获得了欧洲冠军奖杯。

1986 was an important year for Van Basten, not only because he won the European Golden Boot in this year, but also because Cruyff became the head coach of Ajax. Prior to this, Van Basten was mainly in the style of a traditional center, and his attack methods were mainly to grab points. Cruyff believes that the traditional center’s housekeeping skills, Van Basten has been well-trained, but the traditional center does not match the style of Dutch football, and the overall strength of the Dutch League is limited. Going for a point to conquer the Eredivisie defender does not mean that he can also conquer the whole of Europe.

1986年对范巴斯滕(Van Basten)来说是重要的一年,这不仅是因为他赢得了今年的欧洲金靴奖,而且还因为克鲁伊夫(Cruyff)成为了阿贾克斯(Ajax)的总教练。在此之前,范巴斯滕(Van Basten)主要采用传统中锋的风格,他的进攻方式主要是抢点。克鲁伊夫认为,传统中锋的家务技能范·巴斯滕(Van Basten)训练有素,但传统中锋的风格与荷兰足球不符,荷兰联赛的整体实力有限。想征服埃雷迪维西后卫的观点并不意味着他也可以征服整个欧洲。

Therefore, Cruyff began to teach Van Basten the philosophy of stadium space. From then on, Van Basten tried to use the unmanned space on the stadium. The running route was enriched a lot. Stopping, outflanking, retracement, etc., have greatly improved their offensive efficiency. This year played a very crucial role in Van Basten's entire career. Under Cruyff's guidance, the Dutchman finally grew into a true top killer, killing the Quartet on a higher stage. It was also from Van Basten that retracement and off-the-ball response became the hard indicators of the center.

因此,克鲁伊夫开始教范巴斯滕球场空间哲学。从那时起,范巴斯滕(Van Basten)尝试使用体育场上的无人空间。跑步路线丰富了很多。拦网,突围,撤退等都大大提高了他们的进攻效率。今年在范巴斯滕的整个职业生涯中发挥了至关重要的作用。在克鲁伊夫的指导下,荷兰人终于成长为真正的顶级杀手,在更高的阶段杀死了四方。范巴斯滕(Van Basten)的回撤和场外反应也成为该中心的硬指标。

In the first season of landing in Serie A, Van Basten suffered an injury and missed most of the season. The moment he returned from injury, he also officially declared a legend to begin. In the 1988 European Cup, Van Basten played on behalf of the Dutch national team. In the first game, he failed to appear because of his injury. In the group match against England, Van Basten entered the starting list. His hat-trick shocked the world football and the limelight completely overwhelmed Lineker.

在意甲降落的第一个赛季,范巴斯滕(Van Basten)受伤并缺席了大部分赛季。从受伤归来的那一刻起,他也正式宣布了传奇开始。在1988年欧洲杯中,范巴斯滕代表荷兰国家队出战。在第一场比赛中,他因受伤未能出场。在与英格兰的小组赛中,范巴斯滕进入了起始名单。他的帽子戏法震惊了世界足球,而众人瞩目的焦点完全让Lineker不知所措。

In the semifinals, the Netherlands faced its old rival, the Federal Republic of Germany. In that game, Van Basten led the team to successfully reverse the opponent. After falling behind 0-1, Van Basten first created a penalty kick to help the team equalize the score. Before the end of the game, Van Basten used a downside after being stuck in position by Köller. The action of the shovel shot almost hit the far corner of the goal across the opponent.

在半决赛中,荷兰面对着老对手德意志联邦共和国。在那场比赛中,范巴斯滕(Van Basten)带领球队成功扭转了对手。在0-1落后之后,范巴斯滕首先制造了点球,以帮助球队扳平比分。比赛结束前,范·巴斯滕(Van Basten)在被科勒(Köller)挡在位后使用了不利的一面。铲子射门的动作几乎击中了对手的球门远角。

Van Basten's performance did not end. In the final, he first used a header ferry to help Gullit score, and then turned a teammate's terrible pass into a groundbreaking zero-degree goal. For a long time since then, people have always referred to goals scored by unconventional moves as "Van Basten goals."


In this European Cup, the name of the "Three Musketeers of the Netherlands" officially started. After winning the European Championship trophy, the general manager of AC Milan used the legendary experience of "underpants hiding contract" to dig Rijkaard from Lisbon. The Three Musketeers finally appeared in San Siro, and the pattern of European football was broken. Cruyff's careful training began to exert its power. Facing the siege and interception of the Serie A defenders, Van Basten's flashing movements knocked down one chain of defense lines. In the 1988-89 season, Van Basten scored 19 goals in Serie A and won the Serie A Golden Boot.

在本届欧洲杯中,“荷兰三剑客”的名称正式开始。赢得欧洲冠军奖杯后,AC米兰总经理利用“内裤隐藏合同”的传奇经历从里斯本挖来里杰卡尔德。三剑客终于出现在圣西罗,欧洲足球的格局被打破了。克鲁伊夫的精心训练开始发挥作用。面对意甲后卫的围攻和拦截,范巴斯滕的挥动动作击倒了一条防御线。在1988-89赛季,范巴斯滕(Van Basten)在意甲打进19球,并获得了意甲金靴奖。

Since then, Van Basten and Milan were out of control. On May 24, 1989, Van Basten and Gullit each scored two goals in the Champions League final. Milan defeated the Bucharest Stars 4-0 and won the championship trophy after an absence of 20 years; the following year Defeated Benfica in the final, successfully defended the title, and officially established the Milan dynasty; in the 1990 Toyota Cup final, Milan defeated Paraguay Olympia 3-0 and stood on top of the world.

从那时起,范巴斯滕和米兰就一发不可收拾。 1989年5月24日,范巴斯滕和古利特在冠军联赛决赛中各自攻入两个进球。米兰缺阵20年,米兰以4-0击败布加勒斯特之星并获得冠军奖杯;次年在决赛中击败本菲卡,成功卫冕冠军,并正式建立了米兰王朝。在1990年丰田杯决赛中,米兰3-0击败了巴拉圭奥林匹亚,并跻身世界之巅。

The reason why Cruyff regarded Van Basten as the leader of the Three Musketeers was mainly because the term "poor state" was rarely used in Van Basten's body, and his entire career was almost always At the peak. In world football, very few people can do this, even Gullit and Rijkaard, there are often ups and downs. After Maradona became addicted to drugs, Van Basten became the number one football player at the time.

克鲁伊夫之所以选择范巴斯滕为“三剑客”的领袖,主要是因为范巴斯滕的身体很少使用“贫穷国家”一词,而他的整个职业生涯几乎总是处于鼎盛时期。在世界足球中,很少有人能够做到这一点,即使是古利特(Gullit)和里贾德(Rijkaard),也常常有起伏。马拉多纳沉迷毒品后,范巴斯滕(Van Basten)成为当时的第一足球运动员。

However, after the peak of Dutch football, it quickly went downhill. Dutch football has been like this for decades. According to the survey, the average IQ of the Dutch is the highest in Europe, and almost all the top classes in all fields have them. However, the Dutch are also quite proud of their personalities, and it is difficult to get along with others. "Throwing the pot" has almost become their national culture. "The problem lies with you" is the Dutch mantra.

但是,在荷兰足球达到顶峰之后,它迅速走下坡路。几十年来,荷兰足球就是这样。根据调查,荷兰人的平均智商是欧洲最高的,几乎所有领域的顶级阶级都有。但是,荷兰人也为自己的性格感到骄傲,很难与他人相处。 “扔锅”几乎已经成为他们的民族文化。荷兰的口头禅是“问题出在你身上”。

This kind of national culture is almost a contradiction with Dutch football's full defense. Therefore, Dutch football is always advancing through twists and turns, achieving staged brilliance. Every time the Dutch team is blocked from a big game, people can be surprised to find that their main players are still there, and they play quite well in the club. In fact, Van Basten’s success is largely because his style of play is not all chic and elegant Dutch style. In him, we can also see the rigor of the Germans, which is what many Dutch players feel. Not available. Van Basten has made 92.4% of his penalty kicks throughout his career. When shooting, his choice of angle and strength are quite sophisticated.

这种民族文化几乎与荷兰足球的全面防守相矛盾。因此,荷兰足球总是在曲折中前进,取得阶段性的辉煌。每当荷兰队被阻止参加一场大型比赛时,人们会惊讶地发现他们的主要球员仍然在场,而且他们在俱乐部的表现相当出色。实际上,范巴斯滕(Van Basten)的成功在很大程度上是因为他的演奏风格不全是时髦而优雅的荷兰风格。在他身上,我们还可以看到德国人的严谨,这正是许多荷兰球员的感受。无法使用。范·巴斯滕(Van Basten)在整个职业生涯中贡献了92.4%的罚球命中率。拍摄时,他对角度和强度的选择相当复杂。

However, only Van Basten cannot unify the contradictory groups of Dutch football and national culture. After success in the Dutch team and AC Milan, the next goal of the Three Musketeers is the 90 World Cup. At this time Michels has been transferred to the Football Association, and it is the former Feyenoord coach Librehertz who took over the coach. He can be said to be a Dutch among the Dutch. He can think about everything else, except that he can't speak. For example, "Gullit is a slacker" comes from his mouth. Unbearable, the "Three Musketeers", Van Schip, Ronald Coman and others jointly signed a letter to the Football Association and requested a coaching change.

但是,只有范巴斯滕不能统一荷兰足球和民族文化的矛盾群体。在荷兰队和AC米兰取得成功之后,三剑客的下一个目标是90世界杯。米歇尔(Michels)目前已转入足协,而前费耶诺德(Feyenoord)教练利伯赫兹(Librehertz)接任了教练。可以说他是荷兰人中的荷兰人。除了他不会说话以外,他可以考虑其他所有事项。例如,“古利特是个懒人”来自他的嘴。 “三剑客”,范·史基普,罗纳德·科曼和其他人难以忍受,他们共同签署了一封给足协的信,并要求更换教练。

Out of consideration for the overall situation, Michels fired Librehertz, allowing the players to choose between Ben Haque, Ad De Moss and Cruyff. There is almost no suspense in the voting results. Cruyff won a very high number of votes, but Michels chose Ben Huck. The reason he gave was that Ben Huck is good at psychological adjustment and can be released in a short time. Achievements, the current battle, Ben Haq is the best candidate. In fact, Michels ignored public opinion because he and Cruyff had already forged a relationship, and even called Cruyff a mental illness.

考虑到整体情况,米歇尔解雇了利伯海兹,允许球员在本·哈克(Ben Haque),阿德·莫斯(Ad De Moss)和克鲁伊夫(Croyff)之间进行选择。投票结果几乎没有任何悬念。克鲁伊夫赢得了很高的选票,但米歇尔斯选择了本·哈克。他给出的原因是本·哈克(Ben Huck)擅长心理调节,可以在短时间内被释放。成就方面,在当前的战斗中,本·哈克是最佳人选。实际上,米歇尔(Michels)忽略了公众舆论,因为他和克鲁伊夫(Croyff)已经建立了恋爱关系,甚至称克鲁伊夫为精神疾病。

In this way, Michels extended his personal feud with Cruyff to the national team, and both Dutch football and Ben Haq became victims. In the torn apart dressing room, Benhak’s psychological adjustment ability has lost its usefulness. Some Dutch players have set up columns in newspapers. Infighting has become an open secret. It is said that Van Basten, who has always been gentle and elegant, had angrily pushed the coach, and Gullit even picked up an ashtray and slammed Benhak in the head.

这样,米歇尔就将自己与克鲁伊夫的仇恨扩大到了国家队,荷兰足球和本·哈克都成为了受害者。在四分五裂的更衣室里,本哈克的心理调节能力失去了用处。一些荷兰球员在报纸上设立了专栏。内斗已成为公开的秘密。据说一向温柔优雅的范巴斯滕(Van Basten)激怒了教练,古力特(Gullit)甚至拿起烟灰缸,用力砸了本哈克。

In the group stage of the World Cup, the Dutch team won three draws and reached the top 16 as the third in the group. In the 1/8 finals, they met the Federal Republic of Germany. At that time, the core of the Federal Republic of Germany was the "troika"-Bremer, Matthias, and Klinsmann, who played for Inter Milan at the same time and were the old rivals of the Dutch Three Musketeers. In the results of the Milan Derby, the Troika is slightly behind, and in terms of honor, it is hard to expect the Three Musketeers. However, in the World Cup, the more cohesive Federal Germany defeated the distracted Netherlands, and the Dutch's road to the Hercules Cup came to an abrupt end again.


In four games, Van Basten did not score a goal. Although his defeat in the World Cup did not affect his performance in Milan, it also faintly indicated that the genius has begun to go downhill. On the court, Van Basten is still invincible, but because of this, he has attracted more rough fouls. In the 1992 European Cup, the Dutch team was eliminated by Denmark. The only penalty missed in the penalty shootout was Van Basten. Later in the Champions League match between AC Milan and Marseille, Van Basten was tackled from behind by the "superstar killer" Polly and suffered a serious ankle injury. He basically bid farewell to the green field.


For the next 3 years, the Dutchman's ankle injury has not been cured. On August 17, 1995, Van Basten officially announced his retirement. He came to San Siro wearing a brown jacket and waved goodbye to the fans. The iron-faced Capello was in tears, San Siro, who burst into applause, was full of sadness. Galliani referred to Van Basten's retirement as "Football lost its Leonardo". It is precisely because of Van Basten's regrettable curtain call that after three years, FIFA issued a severe penalty for behind the tackle to protect those talented players.

在接下来的三年中,荷兰人的脚踝受伤尚未得到治愈。 1995年8月17日,范巴斯滕正式宣布退休。他穿着一件棕色外套来到圣西罗,向歌迷们道别。铁脸的卡佩罗(Capello)眼泪汪汪,鼓掌掌声的圣西罗(San Siro)充满了悲伤。加利亚尼将范巴斯滕的退休称为“足球迷失了莱昂纳多”。正是由于范巴斯滕(Van Basten)令人遗憾的谢幕呼吁,三年后,国际足联(FIFA)对铲球进行了严厉处罚,以保护这些才华横溢的球员。

In addition to the World Cup champion, he has almost won all the honors of professional players, is the well-deserved first person in football between Maradona and Ronaldo. At the peak of Serie A when the powers were contending for hegemony, his ballet step was an eternal classic in football history.


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1981-1987 Ajax


1987-1993 AC Milan

1987-1993 AC米兰

Total: 280 games 218 goals


Netherlands 57 games 24 goals


Champions League champions (2): 88-89, 89-90


European Cup champion: 1988


Eredivisie champion (13): 81-82, 82-83, 84-85


Serie A champions: 87-88, 91-92, 92-93


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